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Odras Junk

Hello, Below you will find some images I made, this page is solely for reference. disregard the annoying ads.

-A Skin Modification.
-A simple logo.
-A matrix inspired warp. (animated 242 KB)
-An old clan banner. (works only with a black background
-A sample webpage with another matrix inspired background (also animated)
-My old Jedi Academy sig.
-An extruded tribal logo.
-A doctored Saddam pic I made for a "Where is Saddam hiding now?"
posing as his own look-alike and pretending to be in some sort of gay european biker gang.

-Example of a Photoshop gradient map I made for a AVP fansite.
-Knife sketch made in Photoshop.
-A small space explosion.
-Model render of a lever-action Winchester shotgun made in Milkshape.